The Colourful Life Autobiography



of Simply Painting’s FRANK CLARKE

Frank Clarke’s life has been like a game of two halves. At the age of 50 he discovered a talent for landscape painting, and, coupled with his cheery personality, this launched him on a global journey as a popular and unorthodox teacher with his hugely-successful and long-running Simply Painting television series.

Prior to that game-changing discovery, Frank was a key figure in the Irish entertainment industry, managing artists like the former Dubliner Bob Lynch and legendary venues such as Green Acres and Butlins Mosney. He also designed and built golf courses, played with many of Ireland’s top professionals, and was successful in the equally competitive building industry.

Now you can read Frank’s story of how his art, grit and good-humour took him on a series of totally unexpected adventures all over the world, from Connemara to Las Vegas, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Israel, most of Europe and, most surprisingly of all, made him a celebrity in China. Not bad for a left-handed Dubliner who struggled all his life with Dyslexia!

How did it all happen? The answr lies within the books 300 plus pages….