Frank Clarke was born in Dublin, Ireland

It was after retiring early from a career that included dress designing and property development that he decided to take up painting as a hobby.

He joined a painting group where he felt intimidated and inferior. After six weeks he quit the group because he was told that he did not have the gift.

But he was not one to be easily put off. Whether or not he had the gift he was determined to pursue his hobby.

It was then that he made a most unusual discovery: “No one was prepared to show him the basics of painting.”

Having read every art instruction book he could get his hands on Frank came to the conclusion that they all seemed to start at Chapter 4 making the assumption that he had some prior knowledge of painting which, of course, he did not. It was then that Frank decided to write these missing chapters himself and to introduce his Have Some More Fun system, and it worked!

…Simply Painting was born.

Frank’s first book became a best-seller, outselling all other art teaching books combined in its first year in Ireland. By then Frank had also made his first television series.

The success of Simply Painting was phenomenal with Frank’s book “Frank Clarke’s Paintbox“, published by the BBC, nestling in the British bestseller list and his “Simply Painting” television series shown on over 250 television stations worldwide.

His second BBC book was published in May 2001 and instantly sold out two print runs.

He has made over 400 programs to date. These shows are broadcast across the world and Frank is a household name in the US, UK, and Australia. Frank has also appeared on all the major chat shows in those countries.

Frank has taught millions of people to paint using his have some more fun system through his books, TV programs, videos, seminars, and classes. His series was recently launched in China and he is currently in the middle of producing a 26 part series based on travels there. And he recently he launched his own channel on YouTube

He has certainly come along way for someone without ”the gift”. So why not join him in this wonderful, fulfilling hobby.