Watercolour Evening Light

Many is the evening that Peg and I stood on the beach beside our home in Ireland. Connemara is on the west coast to and are we always delighted t to watch the amazing colours at sunset there. This lesson represents one such time.

Watercolour Evening Light

Remember... You can already paint!




1½” (38mm) simply painting goat hair brush
¾” (19cm) simply painting goat hair brush
No. 3 Simply painting rigger brush
Cobalt blue, alizarin crimson,
raw sienna, burnt umber
white gouache, lemon yellow
14” x 10” approx watercolour 140lb (300grms) paper
A board to affix your paper to,
water container, tape
old clothes, pencil, ruler

"You can use any materials but I would recommend using the Simply Painting materials."
Frank Clarke

Finished Image preview

Step 01

Take your sheet of watercolour paper and affix it at all four corners with your tape to your board. Next with your ruler and pencil draw  in the horizon line.about 2/3 up from the bottom of your page

Step 02

Now draw the outline of the beach. Have a look at the finished painting.

Step 03

That completes the drawing.

Step 04

Next take your 1½” goat hair and make a weak mixture of raw sienna (use plenty of water). Then starting from the top paint down to your horizon line.

Step 05

Clean your brush and now using your 1½” goat hair again take some lemon yellow and paint a strip of yellow just above the horizon line while the paper is still wet.

Step 06

Clean your brush once more. Now take some alizarin crimson and paint a strip across above the yellow.

Step 07

Next paint a strip of crimson just above the horizon line. Have a look at the finished picture

Step 08

The paper must still be wet (so don’t delay!).

Step 09

Last add some cobalt blue to your 1½” goat hair, no need to clean, and paint in the top of your sky.

Step 10

Now let the sky dry or use a hairdryer.

Step 11

Next let’s paint the sea. Change to your ¾” goat hair brush and using a mixture of 80% cobalt, 10% alizarin and 10% raw sienna, paint the sea in the area between the horizon line and the beach. Have a good long look at the finished painting.

Step 12

That completes your sea.

Step 13

Next we have the beach. Change back to your 1½” and using a weak mixture of raw sienna (the same as you used for the sky).

Step 14

Paint in the beachand allow to dry.

Step 15

Change to your ¾” goat hair brush and with a weak mixture of burnt umberand starting at the bottom of the paper paint upwards.

Step 16

As you go up the paper add some water to make the burnt umber weaker (lighter colour) to create some shadow on your beach.

Have another look at the finished painting.

Step 17

Clean your brush and make up a green colour using 80% lemon yellow and 20% cobalt. Then start to paint the headland on left.

Step 18

Change to your no.3 rigger using a burnt umber  start to paint the rocks into the sea.

Step 19

Add a little blue to your burnt umber and start to paint the rocks. Have another look at the finished painting.

Step 20

Clean the brush and paint the top of the second grassy bank.

Step 21

Paint some rock.

Step 22

Still using your rigger brush start to paint some rock on the beach.

Step 23

Keep working down the paper

Step 24

The rocks are now getting bigger.as they get nearer new.

Step 25

Keep going. Take another look at the finished painting would help

Step 26

Now start painting the shadow on the rocks using the rigger brush  and a  darker mixture..

Step 27

Now add in some small stones.

Step 28

And the odd piece of seaweed stalks

Step 29

Having finished the larger rock on the right clean your brush.

Now take some white gouache and paint in some breakers. Start just under the rocks nearest the horizon line.

Step 30

Now paint in the larger breakers on the right.

Step 31

Next some smaller waves out to sea.

Step 32

Take your pencil and draw in 2 carrot shapes (people)

Step 33

Next with your no.3 rigger paint the carrots (any colour you like)

Step 34

Now put heads on the them

Step 35

Now sign your painting and if you like you can paint in Joe the bird

Step 36

Now frame it. Well Done!!


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