Watercolour Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick ( Patrick's stack) is named in honour of St Patrick who is Ireland's patron saint who celebrate on March 17th ever year.St Patrick -a Welshman- brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century He traveled the length and breadth of Ireland converting the Celtic Pagans and many myths and legends have grown up around him including the the story that he slew a pagan she devil by flinging a lump of gold at her from this very mountain

Watercolour Croagh Patrick

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Paint Raw Sienna Cobalt Blue,Burnt Umber,Light Red,Lemon Yellow and White Gouache
Brushes 1 and 1/2 inch(38MM) Simply Painting Goathair brush,
3/4inch(19mm) Simply Painting Goathair No 3 Rigger Simply Painting Nylon Brush
Sheet of 14 x 10 330 gms(140 lb) watercolour paper,masking tape, water container ,pencil ruler, cloths and a 17 x 10 board to affix paper

"You can use any materials but I would recommend using the Simply Painting materials."
Frank Clarke

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                                     Let's Get Started
Step 1

Take you sheet of watercolour paper and affix  to all corners of the stiff board  using the masking tape .
Then raise the board by about 2 inches by placing something under it - a book or upturned saucer are fine.This will help you control the water.Then use the your ruler and pencil to draw the horizon line about 1/3 of the way up the paper.

Step 2

Make sure your horizon is straight

Step 3

Next using a weak mixture of Raw Sienna and your 1 and 1/2 inch goathair brush, paint in the sky.

Step 4

Now Clean your brush 
While the paper is still wet paint in some cobalt blue leave some white areas  in the centre for clouds
Stop about 2 inches above the the horizon line

Step 5

Let the sky dry or dry with hairdryer
With your pencil draw in the outline of the mountain

Step 6

Make up a mixture of 55% Cobalt Blue and 45% Light Red. Don't make it too dark (to lighten mixture just add water)Then  using the 3/4 inch goathair brush fill in the mountain

Step 7

Paint right down to within 2 inches of the Horizon line


Change to your No.3 rigger and using a dark mixture (55% Cobalt Blue and 45% Light Red) paint a darker strip down the right hand side of the mountain

Step 9

This will give the impression that the the right hand side of the mountain is in shadow

Step 10

Change ot your 3/4 inch goathair and using a mixture of 80% and 20% Cobalt Blue paint along the bottom of the mountain

Make sure the mountain is dry before you start.

Step 11

Keep going down to Horizon line Don't go below  the Horizon

Step 12

Step 13

Now clean your brush Add some Burnt Umber and paint along the area where the land meets the horizon line.

Step 14

Still using Burnt Umber darken the land on the right hand side to show it is in shadow


Make sure painting is dry
Clean your brush and make up a mixture of 90% Raw Sienna and 10% Cobalt Blue.
Now drag the brush right along under the horizon Go all the across in one stroke.

Repeat this a couple of times

Step 17

Clean your 3/4 inch goathair and using a mix of 80% Lemon Yellow and 20% Cobalt Blue paint in the grassy area in the foreground

Step 18

Complete the grass right down to the foreground.Then using Burnt Umber paint in rushes and bushes on the left side of painting.


Now use Burnt Umber to darken in the area under bush

Step 20

Now using your nail scratch in some branches on the bush.Do this while paint is still wet

Step 21

Clean you rigger brush and using Burnt Umber paint in the posts

Step 22

Never paint the posts straight

Step 23

Still using rigger and Burnt Umber paint in Joe the Bird and a friend.

Step 24

On top of Croagh Patrick there is a church-so let's paint it

Step 25

Now using the rigger and Burnt Umber- let's paint a boat on the water. This stretch is called Clew Bay

Step 26

Add in two fishermen or carrots with dots on top of them for heads Don't make the heads too big.

Step 27

Using the rigger and some White Gouache paint in some Bog Cotton flowers in foreground

Step 28

Now sign it

Step 29

And frame it


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