Tres bien Frank!  You taught me how to paint around ten years ago, and I haven't looked back.  I hope one   
      day  to meet you in person.  Many thanks for introducing me to watercolours




Beautiful Franks , thanks . I almost gave up painting until I came across you........
Maravilloso Frank! Se aprende mucho con tus demos...¡Qué lindo cielo! Es muy valioso que vayas mostrando cómo mezclas los colores de la paleta para crear otros. GRACIAS.
I love you Frank, every thing I know about watercolor I learned from you...
Thank you for the H-Art lessons!    History + Art !    Simply wonderful !                


Great stuff Frank!  I started painting when I bought your book and painting set and have never looked back. Looking forward to more YouTube videos.

Have your books, watched your series on tv, and love the fact you are a left hander too, it makes so much more sense 
Excellent easy to follow lessons here.

hello Frank! thank you for starting your channel!
Thanks for doing YouTube Frank.  I loved your shows on PBS, but they kept coming and disappearing, and I could never pin it down to a certain day and time.  At least here I KNOW I will be able to find it at any time.  Thanks - I do enjoy your lessons.

Frank Clarke has a fantastic method of teaching watercolour painting, very entertaining and informative. Subscribe to his YouTube programmes and enjoy watching and learning.
oh please, pretty please, do more youtube videos!

Well Done Frank, this is a wonderful step forward. Cant wait to see more... already preparing my brushes and paints to have some more fun!

Frank, This video is wonderful! I miss seeing you on my local PBS station. Thanks for sharing your talents and personality on YouTube. 

¡Qué buenos tus videos! Me parece excelente la forma sencilla que tienes de pintar...Suscribo a tu canal porque no hay dudas de que se aprende mucho, aunque no entiendo el idioma. Saludos desde Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA

love it watch you for years you taught me water color


Frank this is fantastic.  My partner and I love your videos.  We used to watch them when they were shown on cable TV here in Australia and have painting afternoons  Thank you for teaching us to Have Some More Fun.  


Frank I have loved watching you paint and now at age 61 I am painting due to you, thank you for your directorial.

Brenda Cumming 

Although I have done lots of paintings...I decided to have a go at the basic painting and the reviews I have received on it are amazing. Frank is a real inspiration

Diane Rousseau 

I love Frank's stories- he makes me want to start traveling again (with my paints and brushes!)


Joanna Korzeniewska

I love your show :) I always watch it with my mom :D
Now my paintings and drawings for my son are pretty and my carrots/horse&riders are more convincing :D
Thank you Frank 

Maguie Dupont

hello Frank
Bonjour, j'apprécie votre travail, merci de nous partager votre peinture.


Carole Adams 

A friend has just lent me a DVD of Frank Clarke and i watched it and thought I can do that and i will . I have my paints Just need the right brushes and paper and i will be away painting .Cant wait to get started

Dominique Dupont 

Les leçons de Frank sur vidéo sont formidables ! Impossible de les râter, même lorsque l'on est débutant. Je n'en apprécie pas pour autant moins les leçons pas à pas qui sont tout aussi intéressantes. Hélas, je ne peux suivre vos émissions à la télévision car je suis Belge et n'ai forcément pas la chaîne adéquate.
Bravo à vous !


I have been watching a Simply Painting DVD I have had for a few years now. I love Frank's relaxed way of painting, also the fun which is 'compulsory' hahaha. Thankyou Frank, I shall keep my eye on your site.

Jeanmarie Pauley Johnson

alway enjoy your show on pbs...great job!!!!

Gary Collis

Frank Clarke is wonderful I started painting approx 5 years ago and have not looked back since thanks to frank.  Well done frank you have brought painting down to ordinary people and showed them that they can do things they never thought they could. once again thanks and keep up the good work.
Gary Collis

Joyce Hopkins 

I used to watch Frank on TV years ago and recently discovered him on another channel. I enjoywatching and creating watercolor paintings of my own. I always enjoyed the little talks you did while painting. They encouraged me to move foward and create. Thanks

Innyang Seaword Low

Dear Friend of watercolor. Frank Clarke.
I like your way of doing thing in order of your watercolor teaching books how to paints Keep it up.as for me I m also a artist and holding my own art school in switzerland call EPAC. at valais. so if you have pass to swiss pls do visit my art school. 

Etta Lanuti

Oh my gosh! First time I've seen your show . I've loved watercolor for years, but haven't attempted it because the few classes I took made it seen so difficult. I'm digging out my colors and giving it go again...thanks!

Pat Cavanaugh-Hendricks

You are an inspiration.  

Emese Kovacs

as participa cu cea mai mare placere la aceste cursuri dar din pacate sintem foarte departe,as vrea totusi sa stiti ca imi place foarte mult cea ce faceti si va admir foarte mult !incerc si eu de aici sa va urmaresc cit pot si sa va urmez sfaturile!Cu mult respect EMI!

Michelle Yannucci TenEyck

I started with one of your original books that a friend lent me...and I'm still painting. Mostly copying, but i think they look great, have given some as gifts, mostly family. thanks for being here again...

Christine Woodhead

Congratulations on your new website frank.You inspired me to start painting almost ten years ago, I am still learning.


Bill Mather

Frank inspired me to start painting at the age of 71 and three years later I am really enjoying it.

David Bowman

Frank's voice is like Guinness for the soul :)

Facebook User01 

You are the best! 

 bernadette smyth

To frank please tell when you next painting holiday is coming up , i saw you in rds at the over 50 show., and you were very good


Rebecca Corson

Saw your program in Ireland and was extremely impressed. Can't wait to try some of your lessons

Darlene Brooks

I love water color painting, and you make it look so easy, thanks, I watch you on Mondays and look forward to each lesson.


Hi Frank
 I used to do oil painting years ago and have now started again thanks to your enthusiasm. I have picked up loads of tips and just want to say thanks you.

Congratulations on your new site. I ordered from your previous website few weeks ago, and it was hard to find the items I was looking for. Finding items on your new web is easy. I guess I will have to do some shopping soon... :)